Do you suffer from CMSS?

CMSS – content management system syndrome – people get very stressed over the perpetual puzzle that is running their own website.

The bottom line is a regularly updated online presence is essential to your business on many fronts, not least because Google loves a well kept website!

More than that, regular visitors to your site will soon drift away or perhaps even wonder if you’re still trading if the news page on your site was last updated six months ago or your ‘latest projects’ section hasn’t changed for a while.

So you need to have control of your website. Or do you?

When it comes down to it, keeping your website up to date – even if you have an easy to use Content Management System such as the ones we provide – can be a time consuming business. And then there’s the task of keeping on top of your Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts!

Is that headache coming back again?

All of our website packages come complete with a easy to use CMS – it’s no secret, it’s WordPress, the industry standard. Not only that, our website packages come with a helping hand.

If you want to update your website content, blog and social media that’s fine, we’ll give you the access to do so. If you don’t have the time that’s fine too, we’ll do it for you.

We have a saying: you look after your business, we’ll look after your website.

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